Norbi’s new book already on sale!

„Don’t feel ashamed if you eat well, , the fat man is not a guilty man!” –says Norbi, Hungary’s most famous fitness trainer...
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The clinically certified method works!

The early summer meeting of Laci Gáspár and Norbi meant a sever motivation for the singer in his diet, as Laci had been suffering from obesity for a long while.
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Réka’s Lifestyle Menu

Get to know the efficiency of the Update lifestyle!
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Losing weight without starvation? Update1 Menu!
The only clinically certified diet method in Europe!

A lot can cook or deliver lunch. But we want a bit more when the bathing season comes. We desire delicate, varied and rich food, that can help us to lose weight in summer.
Dietetic and traditional Hungarian? Dietetic and stodge? Delicate and protective?
Yes, it does exist…
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We extended the transportation area again, so you can alredy order update menu from Csempeszkopács, Cserháthaláp, Erdőkövesd, Gyöngyösoroszi, Gyönk, Lesencefalu, Nagysimonyi, Pakod, Sajónémeti, Szeremle, Tereske.
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Enjoy your meal, your healthy life and slimness!

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